Play to win, not to lose

Posted April 2, 2014 by gymbagwisdom
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Play to win. When you get the lead, don’t let up. If you’re going to win, you must maintain the mental hustle that got you there. Keep the game face on. The momentum will change quickly if your opponent senses a letdown. Keep the pressure up but don’t over pursue. Stay on your toes and off your heels. Protect the lead but look to score. Play to win, not to lose.

Theres’ more to having a catch than having a catch

Posted March 21, 2014 by gymbagwisdom
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There’s more to having a catch with your kids than just having a catch. It’s a time when you have their undivided attention. It’s your chance to open up a line of communication that will last a life time. As your kids get older, it will become more difficult for you to create an environment where they will open up to you. You must create one while they are young.

As you toss the ball back and forth, spend most of the time talking about something other than baseball. Find out what happened in their life today. Set the tone. Get them to talk, to open up. Engage with them. Show them you are interested in them and are there to listen. When they get older, they’ll always know that they can talk to you about their problems, concerns, or issues over something as special as “having a catch.”

Like An Iditarod Sled Dog – flat out

Posted March 7, 2014 by gymbagwisdom
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Winners have learned to go full speed ahead all the time. No matter if it’s in practice or the real thing, they take it on with a full head of steam. They never have to give a second effort because they only play with continuous effort. Winners don’t have a middle gear. They don’t know what half speed is all about. Like an Iditarod sled dog, winners only know one speed – flat out.

Ode to the sandlot

Posted March 4, 2014 by gymbagwisdom
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Where kids play baseball with heart and soul
Where kids develop a passion for baseball
Where kids fall in love with the game
A field of dreams

Come through like a seasoned veteran

Posted February 18, 2014 by gymbagwisdom
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People who mentally prepare for competition rarely fail when it’s time to shine. When things heat up, winners stay cool and focused. The days preceding a big event, picture yourself performing with ease in every pressure situation you could face. Create the entire scene in your mind. Picture the very atmosphere. Take the time and energy to visualize and you’ll come through like a seasoned veteran on game day.

Why are kids so fragile these days?

Posted January 30, 2014 by gymbagwisdom
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What happened? Why are kids “suddenly” so fragile? Why can’t they handle life’s little challenges like kids have for decades?

No keeping score, everybody’s a winner, over-trophying, no cuts, no tag, everybody’s special, brown belts now black belts, a reset button, no consequences, no accountability… 

 Something in the water? Too many additives and preservatives? Full moon getting fuller? Mercury? Global warming? El nino? Or is there a “mystery cause” lurking in the background weakening the “defense system” of kids? 


Any theories?   

Become comfortable being uncomfortable

Posted January 2, 2014 by gymbagwisdom
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Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Leave your comfort zone behind. You can’t accomplish much if you work hard only on the days you feel great. Nobody feels a hundred percent every day, but the people who succeed give a hundred percent all the time. Build a tolerance for discomfort. To make real progress, you have to work through some discomfort. You have to give consistent effort no matter how you feel. When it comes to work ethic, everyone is on an equal playing field. 




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