Challenge your kids

Posted May 24, 2016 by gymbagwisdom
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Kids need to be exposed and receptive to the lessons intrinsic to challenge and competitive involvement. These teachings cover the entire spectrum–from losing to winning–and their value can never be taken for granted. These lessons allow for tangible growth and development, and eventually the knowledge and the ability to stick with activities and experience and appreciate success.

A great bedtime story for kids

Posted May 2, 2016 by gymbagwisdom
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The more you protect your kids from failure, the less they learn about succeeding. Provide them with a higher education. Give them a chance to figure out what doesn’t work. The story of winners always begins with losing. A great bed time story for kids.

We had social networkng too. It was called outside.

Posted April 29, 2016 by gymbagwisdom
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We had social networking when I was a kid too. It was called outside. A site for face to face, direct interaction. Where kids made up their own games, picked their own teams, made up the rules, settle the arguments. A place where they developed interpersonal skills, coping skills, social skills, all the skills needed to succeed in life. A great site. A sight to see.

DASED (Declining Attention Spans from Electronic Devices)

Posted February 3, 2015 by gymbagwisdom
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Keep them off the couch and get them outside before they become D.A.S.E.D. (Declining Attention Spans from Electronic Devices). When it comes to competing for kids’ attention, teachers can’t match the virtual power of video programmers. They over-stimulate. They are virtual hypnotists . . . mesmerizing kids for hours with their mental candy. School doesn’t mesmerize many. How can teachers compete? If you want better teachers for your kids, start by limiting how much time they play video games and watch television.

The Reset Generation

Posted November 5, 2014 by gymbagwisdom
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“Hey coach! Two strikes . . . two outs . . . we’re down by three. Can I just reset it? Heck, that’s what I do when I’m playing video games.” The reset button on video games makes quitting easy. Quitting is a habit.

The reset button has become the “no regret button.” The accountability to oneself, as well as the sense of responsibility to the game is non-existent. Quitting, tabbed unacceptable in real life, is rehearsed on a daily basis in homes everywhere.

Every opportunity you had to come from behind and fight to the end, even with video games, was valuable. Learning to play hard until the final whistle, even if the outcome looks bleak is a skill in itself. Throwing in the towel before it’s over erodes the competitive psyche of a young person.

The reset button mentality has carried over to the real world and now defines modern family life. The daily behavior of the younger generation – and their parents – mimics what the reset button empowers. When any situation gets challenging – JUST RESET IT.

The Reset Generation

Posted October 28, 2014 by gymbagwisdom
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Will kids have what it takes to slip from the shackles of their enabled, entitled, and instant gratified upbringing and meet the challenges of life head on, or will you hunt aimlessly for the reset button that real life can never offer?

Play to win, not to lose

Posted April 2, 2014 by gymbagwisdom
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Play to win. When you get the lead, don’t let up. If you’re going to win, you must maintain the mental hustle that got you there. Keep the game face on. The momentum will change quickly if your opponent senses a letdown. Keep the pressure up but don’t over pursue. Stay on your toes and off your heels. Protect the lead but look to score. Play to win, not to lose.


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