Having a catch… a time to bond


There’s more to having a catch with your kids than having a catch. It’s a time when you have their undivided attention. Having a catch is a great opportunity to open up a line of communication. Spend most of the time talking about something other than baseball. Find out what happened in their life today. Show them you care. When they get older, they’ll always know that they can talk to you about their problems, concerns, or issues over something as special as “having a catch.”


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Mental Reruns

Take the time and energy for mental reruns. Soon after the game ends, replay moments in your mind. Review and study what you did right or what you did wrong. Relive the moment while it’s still fresh in your mind. If you had a great performance, rerun it, reinforce it twenty times. If you had a bad game, mentally correct your mistakes twenty times. Just as rewriting your notes immediately after a class can help you understand the lesson, replaying a game in your head soon after it was played can do the same.

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