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The one legged squat for young athletes

August 19, 2011

The one-legged squat is a great and safe way for young athletes to develop lower body strength, coordination and balance.
Simply have your young athletes squat down on one leg with the other leg slightly extended out front. Have them hold their arms out to the side to help maintain their balance.
Start out by having them only squat about a quarter way. As their strength and balance improve, have them squat lower and lower until their thigh is paralell to the ground.
Have them do three sets of as many as they can do without losing their balance. Repeat three times a week. In about a month, they will see a dramatic improvement in their leg strength and balance. And the best part…they didn’t need any weight, their body weight was enough resistance to make a big difference


Are we raising are kids to fail?

August 6, 2011

Are we raising our kids to fail? Trophies for winning nothing, everybody is a “winner” attitude, buying 180 dollar bats and hinting that it’s the equipment, not the practice or hard work, the list goes on…
Parents today hate to see their kids lose. They go to great lengths protecting them from failure. Losing is mother’s natures way of teaching winning. Don’t mess with mother nature.

Kindergarten can wait!

August 5, 2011

Why start kids in kindergarten when they’re so young? Especially if you think they may play H.S. sports. If they’re the youngest in kindergarten, they’ll be the youngest to graduate H.S., and that is a huge disadvantage in sports. Many kids do a lot of growing and maturing between 17 and 18.

Another year of physical, mental and emotion maturation makes a big difference in helping high school athletes realize their potential. While few experts find value in sending kids  to kindergarten early, every high school coach will tell you a valuable edge is lost for high school athletes who graduate at seventeen.

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