The Reset Generation

“Hey coach! Two strikes…two outs…we’re down by three, can I just reset it? Heck, that’s what I do when I’m playing video games.” Is your kid from what I coined the “Reset Generation?” The reset button on video games makes quitting easy. Quiting is a habit – it doesn’t matter where kids pick it up.
The reset button has become the “no regret button.” The accountability to oneself, as well as the sense of responsibility to the game is non-existent. Quitting, tabbed ” unacceptable” in the sporting life, is rehearsed on a daily basis in homes everywhere.
Every opportunity a kid has to come from behind and fight to the end, even with video games, is valuable. Learning how to play to completion, even if the outcome looks bleak is a skill in itself. Throwing in the towel before it’s over erodes the competitive psyche of a young person.
Will kids have what it takes to stand strong in the wake of adversity and meet the challenges no matter the circumstances, or will they hunt aimlessly for the reset button that real life can never offer?

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