The pull up is the safest and best strength exercise for young teens

I hope Santa left a pull-up bar under your tree for your 12 year old or older. Simply hang it up on their bedroom door jam and have them do a set every time they pass through. If you’re around, spot them in the beginning until they develop enough strength to do them on their own. If you’re not around and they can’t even do one, encourage them to pull up half way and hang as long as possible.

In a couple of weeks of doing flex-hangs on a consistent basis, they’ll develop enough strength do their first one in full range of motion. One progression at a time. If young teens can’t lift their own body weight, they don’t need to lift weights to get stronger.

The pull-up is the safest and best strength exercise for adolescence. It needs to be part of the house. The push up is great too but it doesn’t develop grip strength. And at this age, it’s the one part of the body that can really improve in strength, and grip strength can really make a difference in their sports performance.

Make it a family thing. When your kid or kids can do at least five good ones on their own, challenge them. Or is the contest already over?

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