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Play to win

March 27, 2012

When you get the lead, don’t let up. If you’re going
to win, you must maintain the mental hustle that
got you there. Keep the game face on. The momentum
will change quickly if your opponent senses a
letdown. Keep the pressure up but don’t over pursue.
Stay on your toes and off your heels. Protect
the lead but look to score. Play to win, not to lose.


Too many curveballs can leave a young elbow a strike away from disaster

March 16, 2012

Does your little leaguer throw curve balls in a game or when just having a catch? If so you should know…it’s dangerous! More and more kids are seriously injuring their elbows. Young elbows are barely mature enough to handle the stress from too much throwing in general. Throw in, no pun intended, the unorthodox stress placed on the ligaments and you have a “long term lingering end careering type of injury” in the making.

The word of curve ball damage has been out long enough that we should be reversing the trend of letting our kids throw curveballs but it’s not…actually it’s gaining momentum. Today, doctors are performing more “Tommy John” surgeries on young athletes than professionals. That is over alarming. We have a crisis in the bullpen!!

Major league pitching coaches recommend that young pitchers start throwing curve balls around their junior year in high school, at the earliest. Not just because it’s dangerous, but it’s more important to master location and change ups first. They are the bread and butter of any star pitcher’s repertoire. Without them, curves balls arn’t effective.

Do you have G.U.T.S?

March 1, 2012

G.U.T.S. (Great Under Tough Situations) When the game heats up, do you rise to the occasion? When crunch time nears, do you demand the ball – do you yearn for the spotlight? When the game is on the line, do you step forward when others around you shy away? When it’s time to perform under pressure, do you perform at your best? If this doesn’t sound like you, start treating every moment in practice like it was the big moment in a game, and you too, will develop GUTS.

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