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The long toss develops a strong throwing arm

April 20, 2012

When you go out to have a catch with your kid, start out close and progressively widen the distance until you’re having a “long-toss” catch (about 3/4 quarter the distance of your kid’s longest throw). A long toss forces your kid to throw with full “range of motion.” To make the distance, he/she really needs to reach back and extend forward. The “long toss” is the secret to developing a strong and efficient throwing arm.


The “sixth sense”

April 13, 2012

When you have the lead late in the game, don’t start patting yourself on the back. Always expect one more big effort from your opponent that can cost you a victory. Keep up the intensity. Stay in control of the momentum until the final whistle blows. Never give your opponent the feeling that he can recover. Develop a sixth sense for winning.

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