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Kids attention spans are declining

September 25, 2012

The Reset Generation:

Keep them off the couch and out playing before they become DASED.(Declining Attention Spans from Electronic Devices). When it comes to competing for kids’ attention, teachers can’t match the virtual power of video programmers. They over-stimulate. They are virtual Hypnotist – mesmerizing kids for hours with their mental candy. If you want better teachers for your kids start by limiting how much time your kid plays video games/tv growing up.


Parenting The Reset Generation

September 18, 2012

Parents today hate to see their kids lose. As soon as it gets a bit tough, parents hit the reset button for their kids.
High school coaches, instructors and teachers often remark on how kids today lack “stick-toit-ness” They hop to another sport or activity when it gets a little too challenging, never testing their potential…nurtured to reset it.

How to stop your young soccer players from toe kicking

September 10, 2012

Many young kids have trouble kicking a soccer ball correctly and it’s very difficult for them to grasp the proper technique through instruction. But if you take them outside and kick the ball around with them barefooted, it’ll put a licken on toe kicking automatically. They’ll be forced to kick with their instep.

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