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Nobody is bigger than the sport

February 26, 2013

After an exhausting 17 year search, HE WAS FOUND — the first youth coach/parent who gave kids a trophy for winning nothing. His response when asked, “what gave you the right to deface, to spit in the face, to change a sports tradition? Nobody is bigger than the sport. Trophies were meant for ‘winning.’ They represent the thrill of victory and the hard work that went into it.”

He sadly replied, “I never got a trophy myself. I never practiced that much or worked that hard, never committed. I now realize I cheated the kids. I had a chance to teach a major lesson in life and I dropped the ball.” He added, “those kids are now young adults, and partly due to my irresponsible action, products of The Reset Generation — still searching aimlessly for the reset button that real life can never offer.”


February 12, 2013

Get them off the couch and out playing before they become D.A.S.E.D. (Declining Attention Spans from Electronic Devices). Kids are entrenched and mesmerized by video games for hours a day – mental candy holding their attention.  How can teachers compete? Their attention span isn’t cut out for school. School reform begins with the parents. Send schools a better product.

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