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Nature’s calling

August 30, 2013

Kids are born with energy to burn for a reason. Mother Nature wants them up and moving about meeting and dealing with the daily challenges. She’s trying to prepare kids for the rigors of life. Like how the gentle winds strengthens the fibers of the young tree, facing and overcoming challenges early in life strengthens all living things for the future.


Place a parental block on the reset button

August 28, 2013

Place a parental block on the reset button. Every opportunity a kid has to come from behind and fight to the end, even with video games, is valuable. Learning how to play to completion, even if the outcome looks bleak is a skill in itself. Throwing in the towel before it’s over erodes the competitive psyche of a young person.  

The F.A.K.E List – Failing At Kid Empowerment

August 23, 2013

Everywhere you look today, easy is all around kids. A human safety net surrounds them. Parents are reducing the challenge, sugar-coating the value of the struggle.

The F.A.K.E. List
(Failing At Kid Empowerment)

Everybody’s a winner
Trophies for winning nothing
Green belts now black belts
No keeping score
Everybody’s special
Everybody plays
Limited competition
Instant gratification
No consequences
No accountability
A reset button
No cuts
No child left behind
Children left on their behind.

Over- entitled
Over- traveled

Over- equipped
Over kid-friendly
Over-video gamed
Over-air conditioned

Daddy ball
Helicopter parenting
Sugary snacks in sports
Sugar water on the bench
Limited recess
No tag
No choosing sides
Limited face time
Limited free play
Limited direct interaction
Limited growth

The F.A.K.E. list continues to grow…

O.D.S. Over Digital Stimulation

August 19, 2013

Kids get bored easily today thanks in part to O.D.S. (Over Digital Stimulation). They are used to being entertained, directed by video games. When they are not playing them, they don’t know what to do with themselves. They don’t know how to entertain themselves. The say they are bored but really they lack the tools to do things on their own. They are conditioned to be bored.

Ode to the Grass Stain

August 12, 2013

Ode to the Grass Stain


 A badge of honor

A subtle message that physical play

Happened today


A mark of play

A sign that development

Is on its way


The sweet soiled scent

And all the value

It represents



Think develop

Not detergent

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