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Why are kids so fragile these days?

January 30, 2014

What happened? Why are kids “suddenly” so fragile? Why can’t they handle life’s little challenges like kids have for decades?

No keeping score, everybody’s a winner, over-trophying, no cuts, no tag, everybody’s special, brown belts now black belts, a reset button, no consequences, no accountability… 

 Something in the water? Too many additives and preservatives? Full moon getting fuller? Mercury? Global warming? El nino? Or is there a “mystery cause” lurking in the background weakening the “defense system” of kids? 


Any theories?   


Become comfortable being uncomfortable

January 2, 2014
Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Leave your comfort zone behind. You can’t accomplish much if you work hard only on the days you feel great. Nobody feels a hundred percent every day, but the people who succeed give a hundred percent all the time. Build a tolerance for discomfort. To make real progress, you have to work through some discomfort. You have to give consistent effort no matter how you feel. When it comes to work ethic, everyone is on an equal playing field. 



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