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Theres’ more to having a catch than having a catch

March 21, 2014

There’s more to having a catch with your kids than just having a catch. It’s a time when you have their undivided attention. It’s your chance to open up a line of communication that will last a life time. As your kids get older, it will become more difficult for you to create an environment where they will open up to you. You must create one while they are young.

As you toss the ball back and forth, spend most of the time talking about something other than baseball. Find out what happened in their life today. Set the tone. Get them to talk, to open up. Engage with them. Show them you are interested in them and are there to listen. When they get older, they’ll always know that they can talk to you about their problems, concerns, or issues over something as special as “having a catch.”


Ode to the sandlot

March 4, 2014
Where kids play baseball with heart and soul
Where kids develop a passion for baseball
Where kids fall in love with the game
A field of dreams

Why are kids so fragile these days?

January 30, 2014

What happened? Why are kids “suddenly” so fragile? Why can’t they handle life’s little challenges like kids have for decades?

No keeping score, everybody’s a winner, over-trophying, no cuts, no tag, everybody’s special, brown belts now black belts, a reset button, no consequences, no accountability… 

 Something in the water? Too many additives and preservatives? Full moon getting fuller? Mercury? Global warming? El nino? Or is there a “mystery cause” lurking in the background weakening the “defense system” of kids? 


Any theories?   

Gymbag Wisdom: Raising Kids To Excel At Sports

September 23, 2013

It’s very important that parents understand the physical, mental and emotional needs of kids if they want to help them grow up to excel at sports. Everybody has athletic potential but unless kids grow up in a condusive environment that allows for maximum athletic development will they ever go on to acheive their potential in sports. The following is my new ebook at Amazon. For only 2.99 you will learn what you need to do before they even begin youth sport to the time they hang up their cleats. please leave a review if you purchase.

Speak softly when at your kid’s games

April 16, 2013

Hey dad, I hear you loud and clear…and so does everybody else. I think it may be the wind. Your voice really carries out here in the open field. Can you please use your indoor voice when you’re at my games? 

Nobody is bigger than the sport

May 11, 2012

When I was young, we knew how hard it was to win a trophy. We knew the sacrifices it was going to take, the sweat that was going to be drained from our bodies to finish first, to be the best. Now trophies are handed out like snacks after a game. What gives youth coaches (dads) the right to abolish a sports tradition? Trophies were meant for winning. Nobody is bigger than the sport. Is it the dads who never earned a trophy, the old fashion way, who eagerly stomped out the tradition for their kids?

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